Deploy ERC-20 Contracts

This guide assumes you have already set up the truffle for VSCode extension.

The most convenient way to deploy contracts to Watr using truffle is to make use of the truffle dashboard, which connects your metamask wallet.

  1. Connect to the Watr Network from metamask

  2. Enable the truffle dashboard by typing the command truffle dashboard in a terminal, a browser window will open.

  3. Connect the truffle dashboard to metamask.

    You will be prompted to check that the network you are connecting to 688 is correct. Confirm the choice.

    Your truffle dashboard is now connected to the Watr EVM.

  4. Right click on the contract you wish to deploy and choose Deploy Contract

  5. Select Deploy via Truffle Dashboard as your preferred method

  6. Go to the browser window and confirm the signing request

  7. Review the output from the truffle command line for contract address, cost etc

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